A look into how The Media Review does Spring Break (Part 3)

by Lory Martinez

It has been quite the week for us at The Media Review , after moshing with Kate Nash and asking some of our favorite poets their opinions on online publishing, I took to wandering about New York looking for one more thing to share with you all. So, I went back to Strand Bookstore and looked for one our most popular topics: Nostalgia. And I found this beauty on the ground floor in “Books We Love under $10”

This throwback book includes images of

  • Captain Planet, the beloved blue and eco-friendly super hero. Buzzfeed argues his companions are really just the kids from The Magic School Bus all grown up. I like to think this is true. 
  • Steve Urkel‘s seminal catch phrase, “Did I do that?” along with a picture of the first guy with glasses who could steal America’s heart  after FDR. 

  • Cartoon bright Reeboks, so stylish then.They have been made into these

Don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years guys.

  • Blossom’s hat/Sister Sister stars Tia and Tamar Mowry’s favorite accesories ( I recall them donning this hat with, what else? Oversized denim overalls.

Give it a look see, did I miss anything? Do you recognize the other two 90’s references here?

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