by Lory Martinez

a SPECIAL edition of The Media Review in which I interviewed two Tumblr poets to get an inside look at the online literary world and its growing community. Tune in at 4 to hear it!

Full interviews will be posted later tonight!

Cody Gohl, a senior at Middlebury whose prose essays have been published on Thought Catalog and whose works have been quoted on the #codygohl tag on tumblr and at

Sam Riedel is a WHRW alum who graduated and moved to NYC to making it in the literary world. He freelances and works at a publishing company.  His book “The Shapeshifter” can be found at his tumblr page.You can find him on various sites, but all his stories are on 

Topics include: The Dead Poet’s Society, feedback, the possible metaphorical life-raft on which the future of poetry lies, Micropoetry, twitter poetry, English majors, future plans and advice for  other aspiring writers…

Special thanks to all those who helped edit these two interviews. Merci bien!